SJ’s customer centricity journey


In 2011, SJ needed an advisor who could help them with their CRM strategy. With the CRM strategy as a starting point, SJ and Kaplan embarked on a customer centricity journey. The collaboration resulted in Kaplan becoming SJ’s marketing technology partner as well as their communication agency for personalized omnichannel communication.

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SJ is well under way with an omnichannel approach to communication based on customer behavior, including web, email, and SMS. Kaplan handles personalized campaigns for SJ, that generate significantly higher annual ROI compared to control groups.

2013: Marketing Service Provider
The marketing technology tool “Adobe Campaign” was implemented, Kaplan offered technical and user support, campaign technology and development.

2014: CRM-communication agency
The whole customer funnel (i.e. identified customers and including non-members), producing significant amounts of creative content (email, web, events, social, film etc.).

2015: B2B
Loyalty program, B2C and B2B customers included, customer strategy, lifecycle management, system & support, analytics and dialogue/content.

Ongoing: Online and content management process
Leveraging upon earlier projects, Kaplan will optimize SJ’s online strategy and implement technical solutions, where the online platform (Adobe Experience Manager) and Adobe Campaign are merged to personalize the web and optimize online content in real-time for each individual customer.

“Kaplan has both the will and the ability to solve our challenges, big and small, and many times during time pressure. The joint campaign work we carry out contributes strongly to our profitability.”

“Kaplan helps us with everything from strategic thinking about customer lifecycles and associated automated campaigns to ad hoc campaigns including e-dr production and campaign sites. They also assist in the operational campaign work in our communication system as well as the development of it.”
– Peter Magnusson, Marknadskommunikatör SJ Prio at SJ AB

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